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Fixing Problems So You Can Return to What Matters Most

Any kind of legal dispute can be daunting. If you're trying to navigate a family law dispute, facing criminal charges, or are working through a personal injury case, identifying the best path forward can seem impossible—and that's to say nothing of how emotionally challenging legal matters can be.

At Cofer & Connelly, PLLC, our lawyers have over 55 years of combined experience. We've handled more than 18,000 cases across a wide range of practice areas including over 315 jury trials. Our legal acumen enables us to pursue an optimal outcome on your behalf.

We're committed to achieving excellence for each and every one of our clients. Our attorneys understand legal trends and best practices across family law, criminal defense, and personal injury, ensuring you receive high-quality legal counsel throughout your legal dispute. For example, in the last year, 80% of our clients facing felony charges resolved their case without receiving a felony on their record. We strive for that level of success in all of our practice areas, and treat every case with the respect and attention to detail it deserves.

At the end of the day, our mission is simple: We want to shoulder the burden of your case, so you can focus on your health and well-being while we handle the legalities.

A Different Approach

Experience • Creativity • Professionalism

We know that life doesn't stop when we're done working with you. The outcome of your family law or criminal case could change your life forever, and too few law firms help their clients know what to expect when their case is finished.

Not us.

We approach every case with a client-focused, top-down perspective. We analyze all the details of your legal situation to develop a comprehensive case strategy custom-tailored to your unique needs. As part of that process, we identify a way to handle your case that not only helps you successfully resolve your legal dispute, but also enables you to build the foundations for a happier, healthier life down the road.

You deserve a law firm that genuinely cares about your future and handles your case with care and compassion. We wouldn't settle for anything less.

To schedule a consultation with our team or learn more about how we can help you handle your case, contact us online or call us at (512) 991-0576.

Our Impact

Client Reviews

  • “Cofer & Connelly has a very friendly staff. I was very impressed with how responsive and supportive they all were. Megan and Heather walked me through everything I needed in order to take care of my ...”

    - R.M.
  • “The Rick and Cofer team has done a wonderful job of taking care of my case. On behalf of all the things going on through the time of my case, we’ve managed to dismiss the case in a period of time. It ...”

    - S.C.
  • “Superior service, gratitude. They got my case settled within a day of being paid!! 5 star”

    - H.J.
  • “My son was excused of a crime that he didn't do. I did not have any money to hire a lawyer. I was so blessed to receive Rick Cofer as my court-appointed lawyer. He literally fought day and night ...”

    - Former Client
  • “Any legal issue can feel overwhelming, but Rick made every step clear and straightforward. From day one we had someone on our side. The attention to detail and genuine compassion with which he handled ...”

    - Former Client
  • “They have very a good experience and their service is very good. Thank you for helping my boyfriend get his case dismissed.”

    - M.Y.
  • “Having Rick Cofer from Cofer & Connelly has been a blessing and a great experience. I know having a great experience while having a looming case over your head sounds strange, but that is exactly how ...”

    - C.P.
  • “We had a great experience from start to finish with Rick Cofer. He was extremely professional and excellent at explaining the process to us. He achieved the best possible outcome, and we are all very ...”

    - Former Client
  • “Rick literally saved my life! I was in danger of losing my job due to a felony charge. He expediently reduced the charge to a misdemeanor and negotiated a plea deal that will allow this terrible ...”

    - S.A.
  • “My legal issue centered on a political banner that I hung on my private property outside of city limits. I was issued multiple tickets rather rudely and intrusively until I would take it down. Having ...”

    - S.H.