What Is the Austin/Travis County Family Violence Task Force (A/TCFVTF)?

Austin Texas

If you're in Austin and facing criminal charges related to family violence, it's important for you to understand the role of the Austin/Travis County Family Violence Task Force (A/TCFVTF). This task force plays a key role in how family violence cases are handled. The team of defense lawyers at Cofer & Connelly, PLLC can explain what the A/TCFVTF is, its goals, and what it means for you as a criminal defendant.

Understanding the A/TCFVTF

A/TCFVTF is a collaboration between various members in the Austin and Travis County area. It includes members from law enforcement, the courts, prosecution services, and other agencies. The main aim of this task force is to improve the response to family violence within the criminal justice system. This means creating better communication between these different agencies.

What is Assault Family Violence?

Assault family violence in Austin is a criminal offense where someone intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causes bodily harm to a family member, partner, or someone they live with. This includes spouses, children, parents, roommates, or those in a dating relationship. The law also covers threats of violence or offensive contact perceived as provocative. Charges can range from misdemeanors for threats or minor physical contact, to felonies for more serious harm or repeated offenses. In family violence cases, consequences go beyond legal penalties; they can affect custody rights, employment, and housing.

Goals of the A/TCFVTF Task Force

The goals of Austin and Travis County Family Violence Task Force are focused on reducing family violence and improving the system's response to these incidents. This includes promoting cooperation among law enforcement, courts, and service providers. This includes everything from how police respond to a family violence call to how cases are prosecuted in court. They also aim to create a safer community by promoting non-violent and respectful family relationships.

Task Force's Impact on Defendants

If you're facing charges, the work of the A/TCFVTF could affect your case in a few ways. For example, their emphasis on educating law enforcement might mean that officers assigned to your case are more aware of how complex family violence cases work and how to handle them. This could influence how they investigate and report the incident. Additionally, the task force's focus on policy development could mean that the courts handle your case with a specific set of guidelines in mind, which could impact the outcome.

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