Williamson County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Texas law enforcement has a reputation for being tough on crime and harshly prosecuting criminal offenses. If you are facing criminal charges in Texas, you need the best attorney you can get to increase your odds of the best result.

At Cofer & Connelly, PLLC, we have the skills to represent you in a challenging situation when you are facing criminal charges, based on experience that includes:

  • More than 60 years combined legal experience
  • Deep Texas roots—we understand the culture and the people
  • Prior experience as prosecutors and judges in Texas counties
  • Over 370 jury trials

Our clients' results come from our extensive training and years of efforts in representing criminal defendants. We know the courts and how the prosecutors go about their work. We stand by our record of top results. We know how to approach all types of complex criminal charges. Our Williamson County criminal defense lawyers stand ready to serve your criminal defense case to get you the best result from a challenging situation.

Reach Out to Our Williamson County Criminal Defense Attorneys to Take On Your Defense

Williamson County, Texas has skilled local prosecutors who bring criminal charges in court. Every one of the criminal defendants in each case brought in the county needs top-tier legal representation to get the best result from a very difficult situation.

Criminal charges are taken seriously by the prosecutors in Williamson County, and our defense attorneys meet them at their best. Whether you currently face charges or believe that criminal charges may be pending, you need the advice of counsel.

Call (512) 991-0576 to schedule a consultation with the Cofer & Connelly defense team today to better understand your rights as you face investigation, to help you develop your defense to charges, or outline a course of action to successfully resolve your case.

You should never skimp on your defense.

Criminal prosecutors will have all the resources of the government on their side, so you will need a solid legal defense team on yours. Our skilled criminal defense attorneys have seen government prosecutors at work. We understand their tactics and techniques, so we're prepared to respond to them directly on their terms. Our firm of legal defense experts has the knowledge and skills to understand your case from top to bottom so we can put up a strong defense.

Put Our Experience to Work for Your Case

Throughout more than 370 jury trials and many other cases that we've taken on over the years, we've built up a lot of knowledge and experience at trial and in the negotiating room on all types of criminal defense matters. We've seen all types of charges and know what works to get the best results.

We will work with you to craft a solid defense for your criminal charges, which may include:

  • Serious felony charges
  • Assault and family violence
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Drug possession
  • Misdemeanor charges

Many of these serious crimes are charged as felony offenses. These charges are nothing to take lightly. You face a genuine possibility of a sentence of many years in prison and significant monetary penalties.

Hire a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense attorneys are experts in the nuances of criminal law and court procedure, so they are familiar with the prosecutor's style. They can meet the tough charges with a tougher defense.

Williamson County defendants who face drug, weapons, or charges of violent crime are likely to face a potential prison sentence of many years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines if convicted of the offense as charged. On top of these very strong penalties is the reality that a felony record will impact your life in dozens of other ways, well into your future.

Convicted felons lose the right to gun ownership and face a list of other negative consequences in life. Felons face career and employment hurdles that can keep them from earning a good living and can restrict where they may be able to live. If you are looking at potential criminal charges, do the right thing now and reach out to a capable criminal defense attorney.

Crimes in Williamson County, Texas

There is a wide range of criminal offenses covered under Texas state laws, including serious felonies like gun and weapons offenses and controlled substance crimes.

Criminal prosecutors are known for aggressively prosecuting alleged violations of the law, and they will pile on every potential charge that they can find to make each case a substantial legal challenge. We are defense attorneys committed to ensuring that the prosecutors never have an easy path to conviction. We challenge them at every step with robust defense strategies built on our detailed case investigation.

Cofer & Connelly is all about giving you the strongest chance of facing down the charges.

Our investigative team will research the case details that the prosecutor is bringing and add up all the evidence that they claim backs up their charges. With a solid legal defense, you have the assurance that skilled professionals are reviewing your case in detail and are on the lookout for critical weak spots and flaws in their case that we can use to get the best results.

Contact us today at (512) 991-0576 or online so we can get started with our thorough review of your case and the facts behind the alleged crimes that you may be charged with.


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  • "They really listen to and care about their client's needs and consistently fight for the best outcome! I am eternally grateful for all of the effort they put in to go above and beyond for everyone they help."
  • 65 Years of Experience
  • 18,000 Cases
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