What To Do After Being Charged in Austin, Texas, With Drug Possession?

Police arrest man in possession of drugs with handcuffs

If you’re facing an Austin drug possession charge, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or scared. But before you give in to those feelings, take a deep breath and remember that nothing is set in stone yet, and you still have rights.

While it may seem like your life is over, Austin drug cases can have a wide variety of outcomes. Many aren’t as bad as you think. No matter what your specific circumstances are, now is not the time to give up hope.

The most important thing you can do for your future is to stay calm and make smart decisions.

That begins by hiring a lawyer to help you through this process. If you want to ensure the very best outcome from an Austin drug charge, you need an experienced Travis County attorney at your side.

Drug Possession in Travis Country

If you’ve been arrested on drug possession charges in Travis County, you’re not alone. Despite the city of Austin’s more relaxed approach to marijuana possession, law enforcement has been making more drug arrests in Travis County than ever before. (Possession of 1 gram of marijuana is not a felony in Austin. Meanwhile, possession of less than 2 ounces of marijuana can be prosecuted as a Class B misdemeanor.)

According to the Austin American-Statesman, the bad news is that Travis County prosecutors handle about 3,000 felony drug possession cases involving less than 1 gram annually. The good news? Around 30% to 35% of those cases are dismissed.

Travis County Drug Possession Lawyer

If you or a loved one need a Travis County drug possession attorney, Cofer & Connelly can help.

We have decades of experience representing Texans facing drug-related charges. We understand the system and know how to help you get an equitable resolution for your case.

An experienced Travis County drug possession lawyer can help you navigate every step of the legal process. We know how to prepare and present your case to give you the top-notch representation you’ll need.

No matter who you choose to represent you, hiring an experienced Travis County drug possession attorney is the most crucial move you can make to ensure you get the most optimum outcome possible.

Drug Trafficking Lawyer in Austin

Drug trafficking and drug possession are similar but different charges. It’s easy to get the two confused.

Drug possession is a lesser charge that’s more often given to offenders who are caught with a small amount of drugs intended for personal use. For example, if a person is arrested in Cedar Park with a single marijuana cigarette, they may face a drug possession charge.

A drug trafficking charge is reserved for people suspected of manufacturing or selling drugs. Usually, these charges are given to offenders who are caught with large amounts of drugs or materials that are often used to create or distribute drugs.

As the more serious charge, drug trafficking carries more severe penalties. Depending on the drug in question and the amount found, consequences can include significant time in prison.

However, an experienced and trusted Austin drug attorney can help keep penalties to a minimum.

No matter where you live in Travis County, whether you live over in Cedar Park, up in Pflugerville, or down in Mustang Ridge, it’s essential to hire a lawyer who has dealt with the county before and knows how to handle drug cases.

At Cofer & Connelly, we have extensive experience representing clients all across Travis County. Our experience is your best bet to protect your rights and ensure you get the best deal possible.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting. If you’ve been charged with a drug-related offense, you need a lawyer. Whether you live in unincorporated Travis County, the city of Austin, or a suburb like Cedar Park, we have firsthand experience that can help you face the charge head-on. To schedule a consultation with our team or learn more about how we can help you handle your case, contact us online or call us at (512) 991-0576.

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