Planning Successful Holiday Co-Parenting

A daughter holding hands with her father and mother as they walk

Making The Season Memorable

The holidays can be both a wonderful time with family and friends and a headache for co-parents trying to navigate the season and meet the needs of their children. This season is not a time to argue about gift-buying and day-splitting but rather a time to celebrate and give your children memories that will last a lifetime.

With that said, here are some tips for co-parents as they begin to plan their holiday gatherings and activities.

Plan Ahead

This is perhaps the most important step to having a successful holiday season. It’s imperative that you consult your custody agreement early and begin planning everything important as early as possible in order to avoid future headaches. This includes items such as who is buying what gift, where holidays will be spent, and others that directly impact your children.

Planning ahead may involve some things you may find difficult depending on your relationship with your co-parent. You may have to communicate more or be willing to compromise. As challenging as that might seem, be willing to make adjustments for the sake of your children’s best interests.

Acknowledge the Difference Yet Adapt To It

The holidays this year might look very different than they did last year; it’s okay to acknowledge that things have changed, but that doesn’t mean that the holidays still can’t be great! Your children will recognize that their holiday gatherings have changed from what they are used to, and these feelings should be validated. These changes allow you to create new traditions for them to enjoy, perhaps even ones that you haven’t shared yet.

Have Your Children’s Happiness As Your Goal

Remember that your goal in making your holiday plans is to provide your children with a season that they will remember for a lifetime. Your willingness to collaborate on important issues that come up, such as changing locations or changing times, can go a long way in not only teaching your children about working together and conflict resolution, but your behavior can remind them that their parents love them and want the best for them.

Holiday Custody Issues

The holiday season can also be a time one parent can make it difficult for the other to spend time with their children. These situations should not be tolerated, as parents have the right to see their children. If your rights are being violated, speak with an attorney right away to get more control of the situation.

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